Social Media marketing

Along with operations of the channel, TID is also working on social media marketing of various institutions in India and abroad. We mainly work on facebook and Instagram and the main idea is to grow their platforms on digital platforms. We never believe in increasing the number of followers/likes etc, we purely believe in increasing the business which takes time and effort. As they say, on Social Media your followers don’t follow you, you follow your followers.

Corporate Advertisement

We are also in the process of corporate advertisement. We do believe that an audio-visual medium is the most powerful Medium we have at this point of time. Advertisement makes the people aware about the product/services etc and that makes the things easier for people to understand.

Film Making workshops

Being the part of more than 300 of productions, Total Indian Drama now is further teaching the aspiring film makers about various aspects film making. That includes Editing, Writing, Camera etc. We believe that teaching is the best learning. We are enhancing our skills by further making the things much easier for the film makers by teaching them nuances of film making by organising various workshops and seminars time to time..

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